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Nikki Riley is a New Orleans native who relocated to NYC to pursue a career in the movie biz. 


Her passions align with Mid-Century Modern, Cultural. and Bohemian decor. She's fascinated (more like OBSESSED!) with all things circa 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. She is drawn to the vibrant

colors, bold prints, and evocative designs. She loves to incorporate the different textiles and patterns of these eras to create eclectic yet inviting spaces. 


Nikki is a connoisseur (ahem: Hoarder!) of all things old. As a decorator, you'll often find her

rummaging around antique shops, thrift stores,

flea markets and estate sales to score unique pieces that make a film set come alive. 


Her work often mimics her eccentric

personality as she's been known to add

"a pop of color", a "dash of ugly" and a

"hint of culture" to spice up traditional decor.


Nikki nurtures a free wild child spirit and obeys her own philosophy: 

Why follow when you can

INNOVATE and CREATE something remarkably magical! 

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